Monday, January 18, 2010


How cool are Sepia Tone pictures? I love them. They seem to capture a moment and make it a memory. A cool memory. A romantic memory. They kind of seem like an Idie film with great music. They just stick with you. That's my new philosophy on life - live it in Sepia tone. I've been reading this awesome book by a guy named Donald Miller about living your life in such a way that it is a good story. Not just an average one, but an adventure full of excitement, tears, joy, and love. That's why I decided to title this new blog of mine "Adventures in Sepia Tone."

Like I said in this blog's description I am a big fan of privacy and this is my first public blog, so I'll be using nicknames. Me - well I'll be Lady Laughing Eyes. My husband will be Mr. Adventure Man And our son will be Captain Crazy Pants. There you have it. Or, there you don't have it, and are feeling totally confused. You're not alone, I'm feeling a little confused myself.

Well, here's a little about me - Lady Laughing Eyes. I'm the kind of person that always has a good story. I don't know if it's just that a lot of weird things happen to me - or if I'm just a story teller, so I look for things to happen to me. Maybe a little bit of both. Regardless, I'm excited to share these stories, work on my writing skills, and have some adventures in sepia tone with you. That's all for now. Captain Crazy Pants is lost under a large pile of laundry.

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