Sunday, August 8, 2010

Katy Perry killed the radio star

Driving home tonight from dinner sans Captain Crazy Pants, I wanted to listen to good music LOUD! Now, I am usually a big fan of what I like to consider "good" music. Acoustic Sheryl Crow, The Counting Crows....basically anything with Crow in it. I kid. Back to my story. Well, like I said, tonight I was in the mood for something what do I do, but turn my radio to the Top 20 station. I'm listening to Katy Perry and Timberland, and I say out loud (by myself mind you), "What is THIS? This is awful! They never play anything good on this station. This music is shoo-shoo (Captain Crazy Pant's really nice word)!"

You may be saying to yourself? Is her Grandmother now writing this blog? Nope folks. It's me. And, that was a very old lady-ish thing for me to say. But, what's more disturbing is that I instantly turned my radio to the 90's station, and was completely satisfied with Beck, and Sublime....I was rockin' out, and saying to myself..."now this is good music."

Then, as luck would have it.....Marky Mark and Good Vibrations came on next.... I'm so excited and start really embarrassing myself. Then it dawns on "Donny D on the back up. Drug free so put the crack up" really good music? I would certainly say NO! So, why am I loving it? And, thus the mystery of pop-music is solved.

I love pop-songs that I have memories with. Dancing with my friends. College date parties. Etc... These pop songs have always been awful, but if you have dancing memories to accompany them, they are AWESOME! So now that you've heard my theory...I'm going to test it.

Guess me and my boys need to bust out some Katy Perry and make some memories.....