Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first painting...

Epiphany. Why did I not realize this before? Writing is painting with words. It really is. I've always had this desire to paint...but no clue how to even begin. I feel like I have this artistic soul trapped inside didn't know how to get out. artistic soul met David Willcox. We went to his concert this weekend to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. His stories and songs came alive to me. Just like I was seeing what he was seeing. Like we were looking at paintings. Art on the walls. But, I was hearing this art. And, I left feeling completely moved and inspired to paint with my words. Like I said.....Epiphany.

Anyway, at church this morning during worship, I felt like God gave me a picture. And, since I now realize I don't have to learn how to paint it, I wrote it. So here is what he was showing me.....

"Welcome home my weary soul
to the gardens lush and green
where music plays in perfect tune
beside the calm and crystal stream.

My God, my Lord, He walks to me
extends his hands with wounds I see.
His face, it radiates with grace
as He welcomes me to this place.

We sit beside the crystal stream
and I breathe in my life-long dream,
to sit beside Jesus my Lord
and hold his hand forevermore.

Welcome home my weary soul.
Welcome home forevermore."