Saturday, February 20, 2010

My unofficial ranking of "Rogue-ness"

I have to admit, I did not know what the word "rogue" meant. I knew it was in the title of Sarah Palin's book, and then I noticed it repeatedly said on the cartoon "Robin Hood" that we watch daily. I can honestly say, if anyone is Going Rogue these days, it would have to be Captain Crazy Pants. Yes, I said it Sarah Palin.... In my unofficial ranking of rogue-ness, Captain Crazy Pants, and Robin Hood beat you by a country mile. Sorry. I'm sure you're nice.

Well, back to my main point. My little rogue, a.k.a scoundrel, a.k.a Captain Crazy Pants, has worn me plum out today. Two highlights that are standing out are the flying spaghetti that landed on my face and white shirt, and the BOOGER FINGER that tried to go in my mouth. Yes, this is the first time anyone has ever tried to pick their nose and then stick their booger in my mouth. Gag. In my efforts to "beat" this, I sat the little guy down on my lap and prayed for him to receive the Lord's peace with which I was promptly slapped. I have to imagine that God probably laughed at this, and then kind of felt sorry for me.

Despite all the rogue-ness of today, as I sit on our bed and cuddle with this mini-shirtless-scoundrel, I am deeply in love. His sweet laughter, soft little arms, and inability to say the letter "L" fill me with happiness. Guess the girl always falls for the rebel!

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  1. i always knew you were an amazing writer...this just proves it. i'm pretty much gonna stalk your blog now! i can honestly say that no one has ever in my life tried to put their booger finger in my mouth. i'd probably pray for them too. good thinkin'! love you lots! =)rb